What is richgirlskin.com?

so much noise, so much fear

The beauty industry is overwhelming and generally ridiculous. Buzzwords, unrealistic promises, fear-mongering, confusion. Disaster.

what we want

Radiant skin that celebrates and empowers us as we live our crazy lives. But that kind of glow isn't all about good genes, nor do we buy the idea that "rich girl skin" requires tons of ca$h.

how to get it

We are on a mission to cut through the noise and marketing bullsh*t and learn what matters and what doesn't when it comes to skincare. How to create a sustainable skincare regime that makes us feel good and gets us out the door and back into the world.

who are we?

Curious, hilarious (right?!), global, brainy, girls' girls. We are NOT experts, which is why we'll rely on expert interviews and good old fashioned research on this site. We're hungry for knowledge and we're on your team.

"In reaching out, you find that all women can be in the game together, and you find that you want to help the others play."

The Beautiful People's Beauty Book, 1970

Game time. #richgirlskin