The Secret to Rich Girl Skin - Part 1

Let me start from the beginning

I first encountered “rich girl skin” while on the Central Line a few summers ago. It was just after 6pm and I was standing in a packed train, squished between a rattling car door and a grumpy, sweaty old guy (#winning). As the train doors opened at Holborn, I stepped aside to let in new passengers. A girl about my age (25+5) entered the train and stood a few feet from me. The train jerked to a start. As I looked down to resume my disappointing attempt at Angry Birds, something about this girl's simple, sophisticated look made me do a double-take: she had beaming, hydrated, bouncy skin, showcased by understated makeup – I wanted it.

The hunt for rich girl skin was on.

True detective: RGS Edition

I spent the next year digging for the secret, the answer, the Holy Grail to gorgeous skin. Google introduced me to dozens of pretty blogs, SpaceNK sold me a paycheck’s worth of nice-smelling products, and a Harrod’s facialist masked and massaged me into looking 21 again for a few glorious hours.

I also approached rich girl skin from a nutrition angle; I bought fish oil and biotin supplements, made kale and spirulina smoothies, and, like every other white girl on Instagram, I ate a lot of smashed avocado on toast.

I have to say, it all helped. While there’s still much room for improvement, my skin went from just OK to pretty darn glowy (at least most of the time).

What does it take to get rich girl skin?

Out of all the different lotions, potions and vegetable smoothies that I tried, what was the one thing that made the difference? My conclusion is that, despite what sensational headlines would have you believe, the secret to glowing, dewy skin is not one single £200 face cream or a £1,000 treatment. There is no silver bullet. The key to rich girl skin is actually quite boring – consistency.

Again, while there are certainly hero cult products (hello Lotion P50!) and delicious treatments (anything from Georgia Louise, yes please!) that can single-handedly boost your radiance, the honest truth about great skin is that is boils down to discipline and routine. I'm talking daily routine. As in every morning, and every single damn night.

I imagine that just like “diet and exercise,”  “wash your face, hydrate, and protect” is not the sexy answer you were looking for, but it’s the truth.

By Renee Parker