The Secret to Rich Girl Skin - Part 2

Stick with me and all your dreams will come true

Just kidding! But in all honesty, I would like to invite you to take a little ride. Last week I dropped the unfortunate truth bomb that there is no silver bullet or fast track to glowy, gorgeous skin. But don't despair because, as a good American, I'm obliged to hit you with some eternal optimism and action-oriented solutions. And, turns out, that's just what I've got.

The goal

My goal is for to be a community platform for discussion about skincare; one that is both curious and honest. Together, we can develop a new way forward that helps us look, and most importantly, feel, awesome.

An immediate goal of mine for Rich Girl Skin over the coming weeks is to develop the one thing that is missing in my life (besides winning the lottery, or a girls night out with Amy Schumer):  

A straight-forward skincare regimen that will – in under 15 minutes a day – bring out the “rich girl skin” that lives inside all of us.

The approach

Unlike most skin and beauty sites, which are product-led, here at RGS we are taking a top-down approach. We will focus on identifying the behaviours, ingredients and technology that have been proven to produce real results, then we'll hunt down the best products on the market that meet our needs. I hope the result is a user-friendly, customizable framework that helps each one of us feel confident and fabulous about ourselves as we take on the world.

As I've mentioned, we are not experts and are learning as we research and as we write, so pretty please leave your comments and join the discussion. I hope that you, through your comments here, or on Facebook , Insta or Twitter, will shape the course of this site. Game time. #richgirlskin

By Renee Parker