7 Steps for restoring your skin post-Halloween

Looks like you enjoyed Halloween this year, based on your facebook, instagram and snapchat feeds. And I have to tell you, you rocked it. But if you're like me, you broke the cardinal rule of dignified humanity and passed out on the sofa in full makeup (and costume). When I woke up this morning, my skin was NOT happy. Here's how I fixed it in 7 easy steps:

1. Hit 'Loop' on Adele's new single "Hello" on Spotify

Sunday evenings deserve a little drama. Am I right??

2. Oil Cleanse + Massage

Wash face with a quarter-size amount of oil cleanser - olive oil works well too - to remove any traces of glitter, eye liner and shame. Take your time and use your knuckles and finger tips to gently massage upwards and outwards, working through your forehead, cheekbones, jawline and neck. Get the blood flowing! It's OK for your skin to look a little flush afterwards, just be kind to it. Rinse with warm water.

3. Second Cleanse

Although you looked great dressed as Rosie the Riveter, it's best to give the cleansing process a second whirl to make sure you've swept away all residue and lingering dirt (don't worry, feminist awesomeness shall remain intact). Grab your nearest general face wash and give it your face another quick clean, then pat try with a towel.

4. Exfoliate and Tone

This is the step that makes all the difference in my skin. Grab your acid-based exfoliant (some great ones listed here), or whichever toner you have on hand,  and swipe sideways and upwards on your neck and face using a soaked cotton pad. Acid-based toners are key to skin recovery because they clear away dead skin and trigger cell renewal.

5. Hydrating Mask

Apply a hydrating mask (ideas here) and wait 10 minutes. In the meantime, it's probably a decent idea to walk to the fridge and check for leftovers because, #multitasking. Wash off with warm water and pat dry again.

6. Facial Oil or Serum

Done with all the cleaning, it's time to get some vitamins and nourishment back into the skin. Apply a few drops of your favourite facial oil or serum. I'm a huge fan of argan oil as it's an easy, go-to hero product that's packed with antioxidants and works well on most skin types. One trick is to actually press your oil or serum into your skin with your fingers, in order to maximize absorption.  

7. Lock in the Goodness

Final step, lock it all in with your normal face moisturiser or night cream. I won't list any ideas here for now as I'm sure, if you're anything like me, you have several half-used products on hand to choose from! The point of this step is to seal in all the great hydrating work we did earlier. It's especially important during the season of central heating to make sure you hydrate properly at night, or you risk waking up with parched skin.

Voilà! There you have it, super clean, hydrated and totally renewed skin. You'll look so good tomorrow at work you can tell people you stayed in all weekend, slow-jamming to "Hello" on repeat (which may or may not be true...)

Good night!

By Renee Parker

Photo here