The time to try your first cleansing oil is now

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Properly cleaning your skin, and I mean truly clearing it of residue, dirt and pollution, is one of the easiest actions you can take to majorly improve your complexion. Clean skin is less spot-prone, absorbs active ingredients and moisturisers better, and provides the ultimate supple base for makeup. You can forget to breathe. You can forget to eat. You can skip leg day. You CANNOT forget to wash your face. Clean skin is everything. 

Weather you look East to the South Korean skincare mavericks, or West to the US and European efficiency brat-pack, the world’s beauty experts agree that cleansing should be a 2-step process (at minimum). The first cleanse removes the layer of sweat and grime on top of your skin at the end of the day. The second cleanse cleans the skin itself. The 2-step cleansing dance is a night-time activity; once is enough in the morning.

Why cleansing oil is the class of 2015's most popular kid

The big idea with cleansing oils is the chemistry principle that “like dissolves like.” This means that oil cleansers are efficient at picking up and clearing away oil and sweat from your skin. Additionally, a good oil cleanser will contain natural botanicals and antioxidants, which have a nourishing and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Oil cleansers leave your skin looking and feeling especially soft, hydrated and cared for. Hello glowy skin!

When to use a cleansing oil

Cleansing oil can be used in the morning as a stand-alone step, and is a perfect first cleanse in the evening. Some brave souls prefer to use oil as a second cleanse in the evening, but I personally prefer to follow up an oil cleanse with a more traditional second cleanser or exfoliant that removes any leftover residue and preps the skin to receive active ingredients overnight (more on that another time). You know your skin better than anyone, so experiment with oil cleansers to see what works for you.

The oil cleanser how-to

  • Take a few pumps of oil cleanser into your palm and apply directly onto your dry face.
  • Massage your entire face and neck, moving your fingers upwards and outwards.
  • Gently massage around your eye area last to remove eye makeup.
  • If at any point you feel your skin pulling (not good), then add a little water to your massage and continue.
  • To rinse, either splash your face with warm water, or use a wet, clean washcloth/muslin towel to wipe off the oil and get in some quick exfoliation.
  • Pat skin dry with a clean towel, or continue on to your second cleanse.

For me, it took a few tries before using oil cleanser felt normal. The oil/water combo can feel awkward but you’ll get used to it (and even look forward to the feeling) on your skin soon enough. I actually really love using this kind of product now for two reasons: 1) I'm lazy and this is the quickest way I've found to remove all my makeup in one go; and 2) I've become a bit obsessed with giving myself a two minute facial massage with the oil every night, as I believe it has reduced puffiness and added extra life to my skin.

Here are some of the top-recommended cleansing oils at each price point:

Over the past few weeks, several of you have reached out asking for some product recommendations, so I included a few awesome ones below. In addition the options below, you can also use a more natural choice such as olive oil, but I would only recommend using this as a first cleanse and would certainly follow up with a second cleanse to remove residue. The product suggestions below, on the other hand, are fine as standalone products or can be used as part of a multi-step cleansing routine.



Vitamin C+ Brighten Skin Renew Cleansing Oil, Super Facialist by Una Brennan

£10.99 - Click HERE to Buy



nude cleansing oil

Perfect Cleanse Nourishing Oil, Nude

£28 – Click HERE to Buy

bobbi brown facial cleanser

Soothing Cleansing Oil, Bobbi Brown

£31 – Click HERE to Buy



creme de la mer cleansing oil

The Cleansing Oil, Crème De La Mer

£65 – Click HERE to Buy

Do you use cleansing oil? What are your favourites? Please share below!

By Renee Parker