An easy little procedure called Microdermabrasion

I’m changing jobs right now so recently acquired some precious new free time. First stop? Fourteen hours of non-stop sleep. Second stop? Getting my tired, stressed out skin to the facialist! Let’s just say, it had been a while. It’s not since the wide open afternoons of business school that I have had the time or energy to research what the cool kids are having done to their faces. Since it has been so long, I thought it wise to start easy and non-invasive. After consulting with a local specialist, we settled on a good old microdermabrasion facial.

Strange but wonderful

If you haven’t ventured into the medi- or technical spa side of skincare yet, then a microdermabrasion facial is a nice (and inexpensive) gateway treatment that will give you instant results with no down-time. The procedure involves the use of a powered wand that sprays exfoliating microcrystals onto the skin, which are then sucked back up (along with your dead skin cells) into the wand. It kind of feels like being licked by the scratchy tongue of a baby giraffe, followed by the sucking of a guppy fish trying to make out with your face. It does not hurt at all; in fact, I kind of like it! The treatment itself is meant to be followed by all the delicious swirling of creams and massaging fingertips that facials typically include (aka what I live for).

Skincare wizardry

The crystals exfoliate your skin deeply, much more than you can achieve at home, and are great for invigorating dull winter skin and combating hyper-pigmentation, blackheads and acne scars. In terms of skin types, if you have more pigmented skin, you should check with your facialist first as it might not be right for your skin type. For many, however, it’s an overall quick way to softer, smoother, Spring skin and can be done as often as every two months. Realistically, I try to get it done twice a year, but as I keep rounding the bases of my thirties I expect to up it to once a quarter.

On our agenda next month? Acid peels (and other scary bedtime stories….)