How to live like a princess: Top 10 must read lessons in beauty and life

When all else fails, ask a princess

The Beautiful People’s Beauty Book is my current obsession. My bf literally has to stop me from posting every @richgirlskinofficial insta with a TBPBB quote because I really love this book! 

Spotted in an Into the Gloss interview of a cooler-than-cool French magazine editor, this guide is a time capsule treasure trove that provides a rare glimpse into the glamorous (and neurotic) lives of the 1960s international jet-set. A princess by her first marriage (and an Avedon by her second!), Luciana Pignatelli's intimate recollections of awkward youth, life as a woman and candid beauty advice are super entertaining and surprisingly useful.

Princess Luciana Pignatelli

As Queen Bee of sexy, swinging 60s Rome, Luciana held court over an enviably chic social set, including Talitha Getty, supermodel Verushka, Truman Capote, Bill Avedon and even Sophia Loren. Although some of her tales are either too rich or old fashioned to relate to today, much of her story and advice is still oddly relevant and worthwhile.

In the end, I found Luciana completely endearing. I want her to win! In so many ways she is actually just like us - she did the best with what she had, celebrated strong women and was an ambitious, successful business person. And, hey, girlfriend even writes of the benefits of "taking a lover" to ward off ailments and regain your glow. A little bit ridiculous, with a side of camp, she's my favourite anti-hero.

My top 10 pearls of princess wisdom

1. Everybody needs a mentor

“Sparking beauty is like sparking the mind. If you are lucky, early in your life a wise person says something to you that strikes home, something that points you in the right direction, and you carry on from there.”

2. You do you

“I'm just happy with myself. If I find a man absorbs too much of my time and my mind, and makes me concentrate on him, I get rid of him. It’s all right for a man to concentrate on me. Keep doing things you like to do.” –as told by Mae West

3. Be yourself, your best self

“Beauty is being true to type, not stereotype.”

4. Never give up

“The trick I had to learn early was to keep going no matter what.”

5. Prioritize time for yourself (unapologetically)

“I must say almost any busy woman can arrange one blissfully sybaritic afternoon every week or ten days. If a woman does not, it is time to reconsider the way she organizes life. It might be an evening rather than an afternoon. It might be do-it-yourself rather than having it done for you, but the morale boost of a few hours’ total concentration on beauty is enormous. It puts one on keel for days.”

6. Glamour is good

“I believe in dazzle and in learning all the tricks and flourishes that can make a woman glamorous.”

Princess Luciana Pignatelli chatting with Countess Consuelo Crespi at Truman Capote's Black & White Ball, 1966

7. A little party never killed nobody

“I like to eat. Surely, a woman’s warmth and charm depend on at least a minimum of self-indulgence. Drink that wine, eat that pasta!”

8. Life begins at 30

“First of all, turning thirty is not like taking the veil. In my case, it was more like crossing the Rubicon.”

9. Sophia Loren #goals

“Visiting with her at her house, one has the feeling that at last here is someone who knew just what she wanted, and got it.” –observing Sophia Loren at her villa near Rome

10. Mic drop

“Too many of us run ourselves ragged trying to be mistress, wife, mother, perfect housekeeper, hostess, and career woman all at once. This is nonsense but often happens unless we are sure of what we want.” (AMEN)

Those glasses not so much, but love you girl.

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Welcome to the sisterhood.

By Renee Parker